Working Efficiently

Jun 24, 2020

Whether you are an employee, self-employed or private person, a good work-life balance is often a high priority in individual life planning these days. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to spend working hours as effectively as possible. Digital tools offer support to improve work processes and thus optimize efficiency.

But what does efficient mean?

In order to achieve efficiency, the working method should be arranged in such a way that the greatest possible benefit is achieved with the minimum effort.

A study by the Fraunhofer - Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), concluded that almost 30% of working time is wasted in administration, with 55% of this being caused by poorly coordinated processes. This means that productivity can be already increased enormously by a simple restructuring.

Work smarter, not harder

Three simple guidelines help to achieve sustainable results:

1. Program Use
Specialized or personalized programs can make work a lot easier. It is important, however, that their function is understood and correctly applied. Getting familiar with the application right from the start and discovering all the helpful features is essential. Many programs offer tutorials or tours to explain their various functions. It is worthwhile to invest some time at the start to get to know the programs and thus save time and nerves later when using the tools.

2. Keeping the goal in focus
Tasks are easier to complete when precise goals are set which need to be completed. It is helpful to divide the goals into short-term stations in the nearby future and long-term milestones. This way it is possible to check the current tasks at any time and whether the schedule is fulfilled. This helps to coordinate work processes and set priorities.
If you need support in coordinating tasks, you should consider using project management software. These include all necessary tools for planning, organizing and managing projects and facilitate the collaboration of team members.

3. Good communication
For a team to work efficiently and productively, smooth communication between team members is essential. It is therefore important to avoid complicated communication channels and to minimize possible misunderstandings. A weekly - or even daily - team meeting offers the opportunity to inform each team member about the current work status of the colleagues and the entire project and to work out problem solutions together.
Online tools can be used for scheduling appointments and shared calendars, keeping the administrative effort as low as possible.

The suitable digital programs and online services can improve modern office life enormously by minimizing unnecessary administrative work and optimizing time management.

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