Our vision is to enable all companies to use SaaS securely and thus drive digitization.
- Markus Müller, CEO -

How everything started

In 2016, Markus was looking for a program that would include all his cloud services and take over their management. But such a product did not exist on the market. As a result, he decided to close this gap and develop his own service management tool. Together with Nils, Jannis and Pascal he started the VIPFY project. In 2018, the team received the German start-up grant EXIST for their project and founded the company VIPFY.

Our pioneering approach motivates us to find innovative and elegant solutions for technical challenges in the cloud.
- Pascal Clanget, COO -

Pioneers of Cloudmanagement

Typically, companies use several different software solutions. These are specialized in different areas and not only require comprehensive management but also act completely independently of each other. In addition, many companies are unsure whether cloud services have the essential protection for corporate data and provide the necessary security.
A cross-service management tool is needed!

With VIPFY, you will handle service, employee, team and vacation administration with the appropriate manager.
Our Single Sign-On Service maximizes data protection through secure password management.
Besides, you can increase security by setting password standards for your employees and using secure verification of identity with VIPFY's two-factor authentication.
Furthermore, keeping a clear overview of all used services is super easy with the help of our usage statistics.
And the best part: 99% of the cloud services available can be used in VIPFY!

Try the VIPFY Business Suite for free.

VIPFY is supported by the CISPA Helmholtz Centre for Information Security and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.