2020 VIPFY receives StartUpSecure

VIPFY is part of StartUpSecure, a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

We developed a concept for an innovative security algorithm. With 730.000 €, StartUpSecure is supporting us, so we can implement our research results into our cloud business suite.

Everybody knows the situation: You try your best to choose a secure password for your company accounts, as they provide access to sensible data.
But is that really enough?
Is all data protected?
The fear of data theft is one of the main reasons why many companies still hesitate to step into digitalization.

Moreover, the current exceptional situation, with numerous employees working in home office, confronts many companies with the uncertainty of digital security.

To minimize these concerns in the future, we are researching an intelligent algorithm that instantly recognizes digital intruders by their behavior pattern and blocks their access.
Thus, business accounts are protected - even when authentication measures have been circumvented!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the CISPA - Helmholtz Center for Information Security (namely Lukas Bieringer, Ralf Jung and Max Chodura) for the great cooperation and excellent support and we also want to honour the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for receiving the funding.

About VIPFY:
We are a young startup that simplifies and centralizes the increasing complexity of managing, billing and interacting with cloud services. Instead of having separate user management and billing for each cloud service, VIPFY unifies this, and each employee gets direct secure access to the services they need.

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VIPFY is supported by the CISPA Helmholtz Centre for Information Security and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.