The VIPFY founders

The VIPFY Team Mar 23, 2020

At the beginning of a startup there is a new, innovative idea.
Back in 2016, Markus had the vision for a management platform for cloud services with an integrated marketplace and the dream of founding a startup with this concept.

The start of such a project is challenging and a reliable team of founders, that works closely together, is the most important foundation for success.
Markus additionally wanted his team to be set up broadly.
Our team was first joined by Pascal, who had already worked with Markus as a colleague. As a graduate in business computer science, Pascal has both business management knowledge and excellent programming skills.
Afterwards, Nils joined the team, who had met Markus at a startup weekend in Saarbrücken. Nils has a degree in computer science and focused on data processing and data analysis during his studies. Besides, he also has experience in frontend development.
Jannis, a fellow student of Nils at Saarland University, was the last one to join. With his broad software development skills and experience as a backend developer, he perfectly complemented our team.

About VIPFY:
We are a young startup that simplifies and centralizes the increasing complexity of managing, billing and interacting with cloud services. Instead of having separate user management and billing for each cloud service, VIPFY unifies this, and each employee gets direct secure access to the services they need.

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VIPFY is supported by the CISPA Helmholtz Centre for Information Security and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.