10 Tips for EXIST

If you are interested in the EXIST - sponsorship or if you have already applied for it, we would like to share some of our experiences with you:

  • A close working relationship with the KWT employees was always very important to us. They have a lot of experience in determining whether an application has a good chance of being approved.
  • Structured planning and organization of finances at the beginning of the promotion is helpful to keep the overview.
  • Always calculate several weeks of processing time if you want to order something. Necessary hardware should be requested as early as possible, so you don't lose valuable time waiting for it.
  • Don't forget to include a financial backup for travel expenses if you want to travel to trade fairs.
  • Remember that your student accounts or private software licenses are usually not to be used for business purposes and plan a budget for company licenses if necessary.
  • Sometimes it is worth asking for a discount for hardware or software to support your startup.
  • You always need 3 comparison offers for hardware you want to order.
  • You also need 3 comparison offers if you wish to subcontract an external company or self-employed workers. For this reason we can recommend to contact several companies for offers at an early stage.
  • If you are pre-financing (e.g. for travel expenses), you should check in advance if what you are financing is eligible and by what date you have to apply for reimbursement (usually within 6 months).
  • EXIST does not cover the founding costs which occur at the notary. However, the consulting fees at the lawyer will be.

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