Interview with Pascal Clanget

Jul 16, 2020

It is always interesting to get to know the people behind an idea.
This is why we would like to introduce our four founders to you and conducted a little interview with Pascal Clanget:

Who are you?
I'm Pascal Clanget

What is your position at VIPFY?
I am COO at VIPFY.

Why are you the perfect person for this position?
Organizing and optimizing satisfies me. I like the challenge.

Which of your tasks do you enjoy most and explain why?
Programming is my favourite activity, because here concrete problems can be solved creatively.

How did you join VIPFY?
Markus (Müller) convinced me towards the end of my correspondence course in 2017 that VIPFY is a pioneering idea.

What convinced you to join VIPFY?
My own difficulties in managing the dozens of cloud services I use myself.

What is your vision for VIPFY?
That people can collaborate remotely and securely without any problems thanks to our software.

What's it like being a founder, did something surprise you?
I like the freedom of choice and personal responsibility. I was surprised about the amount of bureaucratic hurdles that stand in your way as a founder, i.e. how unfriendly Germany is to founders - especially compared to the USA.

Compared to competing products, what makes VIPFY special?
VIPFY is the one-stop solution for cloud services. You have everything you need right at one place.

Which VIPFY feature do you like best?
I like the statistics the most, because they help me to find services that are not really used and that can be optimized.

What are the next steps for VIPFY?
Market establishment and implementation of our customers' feedback.

Is there anything that VIPFY is missing to succeed?
Being firmly established on the market with new innovative features for our users.

Where do you see VIPFY in a year?
I hope VIPFY will be the heart of some successful SMEs.

What is your most memorable moment as a founder?
The founding of the GmbH.

What characterizes a good team for you?
Openness, honesty and respect.

If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go?
You don't have vacation as a founder ;-)

Early bird or nightingale?
80% nightingale.

What is success to you?
To be able to live independently.

What do you need for productive work?
Peace and silence.