Interview with Nils Vossebein

Jul 14, 2020

It is always interesting to get to know the people behind an idea.
This is why we would like to introduce our four founders to you and conducted a little interview with them, starting with Nils Vossebein:

Who are you?
Hi, I'm Nils

What is your position at VIPFY?
I am responsible for development, marketing and everything that comes up.

Why are you the perfect person for this position?
I am a reasonable programmer and also stress approved ;).

What is your vision for VIPFY?
To support SMEs in getting ready for digitalization and help them to write their unique history.

What's it like being a founder, did something surprise you?
Being a founder is not easy. There is always a lot to do when it comes to managing the company. Employees want to be guided and need to have tasks. Often I am more occupied with our employees than with my actual tasks.

Which VIPFY feature do you like best?
There are a lot of cool features at VIPFY, but the marketplace and the browser, which will be released soon, are my favorites.

What are the next steps for VIPFY?
Publishing the marketplace, intensifying marketing and winning customers.

Is there anything that VIPFY is missing to succeed?
More customers ;).

Where do you see VIPFY in a year?
I hope VIPFY will be the heart of some successful SMEs.

What characterizes a good team for you?
To bring in own ideas and to support each other.

What is your Achilles' heel?
Is that something you should reveal? :D

Your strangest possession?
My colleagues say, it's my tape dispenser that looks like an otter...

If you were a comic book hero - what would be your superpower?
I would probably be a detective and my superpower would be a very good eye for details.

If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go?

Early bird or nightingale?
Definitely nightingale - I am a computer scientist after all.

What is success to you?
For me, success means being personally satisfied with what you have achieved.

What do you need for productive work?
Good music and minimal distraction.

Your motto?
YOU gotta like it, not the whole world.