Interview with Markus Müller

Jul 21, 2020

It is always interesting to get to know the people behind an idea.
This is why we would like to introduce our four founders to you and conducted a little interview with Markus Müller:

Who are you?
I am Markus Müller

What is your position at VIPFY?
I am responsible for sales, strategy and business development

Why are you the perfect person for this position?
I enjoy to demonstrate potenial customers new ways to support their own customers with our product.

What is your vision for VIPFY?
My vision is, to help as many small business founders as possible, during the recession, to build their businesses and simplify their daily operations with SaaS tools.

What's it like being a founder, did something surprise you?
Writing a simple line of code is not something every computer science student can do.

Which VIPFY feature do you like best?
The holiday feature.

What is your most memorable moment as a founder?
To see the first mockups made by Nils was amazing. That was the first step to finally bring the idea to life.

What characterizes a good team for you?
Games, fun and chocolate (except for Nils, who hates chocolate).

What do your colleagues appreciate about you?
I am always 100% honest, even if it hurts sometimes.

Your personality in a sentence?
Problems exist to be solved.

If you were a comic book hero - what would your superpower be?
Travel through time.

If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go?
I love California and Florida, but it's not safe there right now.

Early bird or nightingale?
Nightingale very clearly.

Who would you like to have a dinner with?
Jeff Bezos.

What is success to you?
To offer a good, secure job to a lot of people that they enjoy doing and helps them to fulfill their dreams.

What do you need for productive work?
A cup of good tea, nice colleagues and fast internet.

Your motto?
Don't let anyone tell you that your start-up idea is impossible to realize.