Interview with Jannis Froese

Jul 28, 2020

It is always interesting to get to know the people behind an idea.
This is why we would like to introduce our four founders to you and conducted a little interview with Jannis Froese:

Who are you?
I am Jannis Froese, first of my name, carrier of keys.

What is your position at VIPFY?
I am Chief Technology Officer at VIPFY.

Which of your tasks do you enjoy most and explain why?
Solving interesting problems together with other people.

What is your vision for VIPFY?
My vision is to make selecting, aquiring and managing all software in a company as simple and convinient as possible.

What's it like being a founder, did something surprise you?
There are way fewer bureaucratic hurdles when you are the one nagivating them.

Compared to competing products, what makes VIPFY special?
The special thing about VIPFY is the synergy between the different features. For example, the usage statistics not only allow the user to see which licenses are most valuable, they also allow us to make better suggestions in the marketplace. The Single Sign-On enables the holiday management, etc...

Which VIPFY feature do you like best?
I'm a huge fan of statistics of all kinds, so naturally usage statistics are very high on the list. But the ability to just remove ex-employees to remove their access is even better.

What tips would you give your past self?
My past self will figure everything out himself. Of course there are things I should have done differently, but we grow with our mistakes.

What is your most memorable moment as a founder?
The first summer party, in a grill hut in the forest, had some unforgettable moments.

What characterizes a good team for you?
Engaged people with diverse background that aren't afraid of speaking their mind.

What do your colleagues appreciate about you?
After a short survey: "innovative spirit" is the most common answer.

Who would be your dream candidate to join the VIPFY team?
Someone who's open-minded and willing to learn new things, but not always chasing after hottest new trend.

What will lend you wings?

If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go?
Hong Kong, to experience it once before it's unified with China.

Early bird or nightingale?
Nightingale. The drowsy bird fails to notice the worm.